steve “tough love” lovett

Brisbane property leaders send boxing hopeful to US to pursue dream

Five Brisbane-based property industry leaders have thrown their support behind an Aussie boxing hopeful, sending him to the US to pursue his dream of becoming World Champion.

Blackwatch Projects, Aria Property, Pacific East Coast, Cavcorp and the Kenlynn Group have all put their financial support behind Steve “Tough Love” Lovett so he could move to Sugarland, Texas to train under renowned boxing coach Ronnie Shields.

“Steve is everything you want a boxer to be,” said Blackwatch Projects’ Managing Director, Darren Lucey.  “He is powerful, athletic, determined and skilful, and he has an almost blinkered focus on becoming the best.

“In an age when so many sporting heroes seem to get swept up in the excitement of being a professional sportsperson and end up spending more time on the front page than in the gym, Steve’s head is exactly where it should be.

“His life consists of training his body and fuelling it with what it needs to operate at its peak.  He spends his spare time at the gym, not in the pub, and it’s his single-mindedness about his goal that sets him apart.

“And it might sound strange, but he is a gentleman.  He is determined and tough, of course, but he is also polite and quietly confident about his gifts.

“This is such a refreshing change from many of the other boxers we seem to produce here in Australia – and all around the world – that it was immediately obvious that he was something special.

“And while it may seem strange for a group of Brissie property leaders to be backing a boxer, we all see something special in Steve and think he’s be a great ambassador not just for us, but for Australia as a whole.  We think he can become Australia’s Gentleman of Boxing, and go on to become World Champion, and to be able to help him on his journey in a small way is a privilege.”

About Steve’s US journey

Steve won his first US bout on Saturday, 8 March, just weeks after moving to the US to pursue his dream.

He defeated Francisco Molina Jnr with a TKO in the second round, shoring up his reputation as a real new contender in the boxing world.

Steve’s Manager, Dominic Kelly, said “Steve went into the ring knowing he had to make a statement. Given that this was his first bout in the US he had to show off his skills to a lot of important people in order to launch this US stage of his professional career. He has done just that and is off to a stellar start. We couldn’t be happier!

“However, without the support of his sponsors, this win would have remained a dream.”

Steve is training with Ronnie Shields, who is a World Boxing Hall of Fame Trainer, has trained the some of the best boxers in the United States. But Ronnie Shields isn’t the only big hitter who has agreed to take on Steve, according to Mr Kelly.

“Steve’s track record and obvious potential have also seen him draw the attention of highly acclaimed Sports Scientist Danny Arnold and Boxing Promoter Al Haymon, which is a fantastic result and something we are extremely excited about,” said Mr Kelly. “He is training with Ronnie and Danny at Plex gym, which is known for its scientific approach to getting the best out of its athletes.  Ronnie and Plex have worked with a few of the biggest names in boxing, including Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield, so we know they have the skills and experience to take Steve to the top of his game – and hopefully to the very top of the boxing world.

“Steve’s dream is big; he wants to be world champion one day.  So he knows he has to put in the hard yards to make it happen.  He has already impressed his trainer and his sparring partners with his ability to put 110% into every training session.

“He has devoted his life to boxing and to achieving his goal and I don’t think anything will stand in his way.”

About Steve Lovett (prior to the US)

Steve “Tough Love” Lovett is a 28 year old from Canberra in the ACT who turned professional in November 2010.  In the past three years he has had seven fights, all of which he has won, five of those with knockouts.

Amateur boxing achievements:

  • Australian light heavyweight champion 2008
  • Australian light heavyweight champion 2009
  • ACT light heavyweight champion 2005
  • ACT light heavyweight champion 2007
  • ACT light heavyweight champion 2008
  • ACT light heavyweight champion 2009

Other awards

  • AIS scholarship holder 2008-2009
  • Winner – Australian selection tournament 2009 for world amateur boxing championships in Italy
  • Gold medals for amateur fights in Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Thailand and New Zealand.

Professional boxing achievements

  • November 2010 – Campbelltown – win by KO in Round 1
  • April 2011 – Brisbane – win by TKO in Round 1
  • July 2011 – Sydney – win by TKO in Round 1
  • August 2011 – Hobart – win by KO in Round 2
  • March 2012 – Hobart – win by TKO in Round 6
  • January 2013 – Sydney – win by UD 6 rounds
  • April 2013 – Sydney – win by UD 4 rounds