Macquarie Street Offices – Teneriffe
  • Renovation completed 2014
  • Converted 1950s Wool Store
  • Modern industrial corporate offices

Macquarie Street Offices, located at 1/24 Macquarie Street in Teneriffe, Brisbane, is a new commercial development that successfully delivers a unique combination of vast floor space and historical architecture.

The project has transformed the entire ground floor of the heritage-listed Australian Estates No.4 Woolstore into an innovative development comprising 1500m2 of boutique commercial space, an 80m2 café and a 1000m2 internal car park. The new Macquarie Street Offices provide six commercial tenancies and a public café with direct access to the front of the building.

Prior to redevelopment, the ground floor of the Woolstore was an old under-utilised storage space for Brisbane City Council archives and closed to the public. It has been converted into valuable commercial space to make better use of the building in the established urban area of Teneriffe where large new office space is rare. The new development greatly increases the street appeal of this prestigious building by opening it up to the local community through the commercial and public café space.

A key factor in the success of the Macquarie Street Offices development is its unique combination of old and new architecture through the built form. Being a heritage-listed building, it is vital that the ground floor redevelopment retains the history and character of the remaining building while still creating an innovative contemporary commercial space. The retention of significant parts of the original building fabric and structure allows for important reminders of its industrial history yet the development is revitalised by modern design and features.

The internal commercial space is broken up into six individual tenancies varying in size from 105m2 up to 600m2. The space has been modernised to include innovative feature architectural light fittings, exposed ceiling and high grade epoxy concrete flooring that accentuate the original building. The oversized central corridor and extensive glazed walls create a feeling of openness and space. Incorporating the building’s original finishes from 1926 has allowed for ceiling heights of 3.7m, providing a truly unique commercial space. The extensive use of internal glass walls maximises the natural light introduced into the building.

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